Avoimen AMKin POLKUopinnot päiväopinnot syksy 2019 - Tourism (BBA)

Koulutuksen järjestäjä Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu
Avoin AMK
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Koulutustyyppi Avoin AMK-opetus
Opetusmuoto Lähiopinnot
Toteutuspaikka Rovaniemi

University of Applied Sciences’ studies give you a possibility to study flexible through path studies.

Open UAS studies does not directly entitle the student to get into one of the degree awarding programmes in the Lapland UAS but the credits collected from Open UAS studies can be attached to a degree according to the procedure agreed in the University of Applied Sciences.

You can apply to a degree either through joint-application system or you can apply on the basis of open UAS studies after you have finished needed amount of credits applicable to the program you are applying to. Students are registered to student register and they get certificate for the completed study units.

Foreign students may need a residence permit depending on their citizenship. Please note that studying in Open University of Applied Sciences does not entitle to visa. For more information can be seen on the home pages of Finnish Directorate of Immigration at http://www.migri.fi. Students need their own laptops and they might have to take part to English language skill test to prove their language skill. Descriptions of the study programs can be found from Restonomi (AMK), tourism, Rovaniemi Curriculum and descriptions of study units can be found from SoleOPS: https://soleops.lapinamk.fi/opsnet/disp/fi/welcome/nop

Hinta 300€ per year

Students are accepted to path studies in the order of registration and registration is binding. Study fee is not returned. Registrations at least two weeks before the beginning of the studies.
Enrollment opens on Wed 24.4.2019 at 9.00.

  Online registration

Seija Enbuske, puh. 0400 896963, avoinamk@lapinamk.fi

Aika ja paikka

Study year 2019-2020.
In Lapland UAS’ Open path studies are usually first academic year’s studies in Bachelor’s degree.
Studies are part of the degree programs and are studied together with degree students according to their timetables.
Teaching takes place primarily on campus during the day, in Multidimensional Tourism Institute (Viirinkankaantie 1, 96300 Rovaniemi).

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